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Fits: 47° and 50° C-Shank

Fertilizer Type: Multiple options.

Overview: This holder is part of the VOS (Versatile Opener System) which gives you the flexibility to choose the right tip and fertilizer tubes for your needs. Photo on the left is shown with 610-TIP-4081 and 880-TUB-1003. Components and tips sold separately. 

Designed for use in rocky conditions, this opener has two plates welded to the sides of the funnel to help strengthen it, making it stiffer and less prone to bending in extreme conditions.

Notes: Installation bolts sold separately. Use Grade 8 carriage bolts.

When installing on 50° shanks other than Bourgault or Ezee-On you will require either the 880-WDG-0300 or 880-WDG-0301.

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