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Fits: Morris Maxim Edge On

Fertilizer Type:
Granular N (680-ASY-0711G & 680-ASY-0712G)
Granular N + Liquid Phos (680-ASY-0711GP & 680-ASY-0712GP)
Liquid N (680-ASY-0711L & 680-ASY-0712L)
Liquid N + Liquid Phos (680-ASY-0711LP & 680-ASY-0712LP)

Seed Placement: The seed is placed in a 3/4” (19mm) band onto a firm, unfractured seedbed. The GP & LP openers deliver the liquid phos on top of the seed.

Fertilizer Placement: Fertilizer is delivered in a band off to the side (right or left) on the same level as the seed. In less than ideal conditions, mixing between seed and fertilizer may occur. For more information please refer to precautions & risk factors.

Disturbance: Unique design of the tip provides low disturbance, low draft, and smoother fields.

Tip Options: Replaceable cast chrome tip (612-TIP-0711 & 612-TIP-0712) with carbide inserts on the nose of the tip and the wing for excellent penetration and wear resistance. Narrow carbide cutting edge on the wing for exceptional penetration. Assembly includes the tip.

Packer Recommendations: 2-1/4” (57mm) or wider.

Overview: Hard facing is placed on critical wear points to ensure a long-lasting holder and proper seed placement. The streamlined holder design reduces plugging and allows for better trash clearance. Designed for use with 1-1/4″ (31mm) O.D. hose. Bushings are available for larger hoses.

Notes: Installation bolts sold separately. Use 3/8″ x 2-1/4″ Grade 8 carriage bolts.

All wings on sideband openers must be pointing inward to the center of the seeding unit to prevent plugging when turning. Customers should order half left and half right wing openers. 

For a more detailed view check out the expanded drawing.

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