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Fits: John Deere P500 & 1870 Conserva Pak Air-Hoe Drill

Fertilizer Type: Liquid or NH3

Tube Sizes: 0.4″ O.D. stainless steel pipe

Tip Options: Any of the following replaceable tips. Tips sold separately.

  • 200-TIP-0801
  • 200-TIP-0802
  • 200-TIP-0803
  • 200-TIP-0811

Overview: The body and fertilizer tubes are narrow with additional hard-surfacing on critical wear areas to increase the life of the holder.

Bracket 650-ACC-1000 is required on single fertilizer knives and limits the tripping distance of the fertilizer applicator knives. Bracket sold separately. Mounting bolts included.

Bracket 650-ACC-1010 is required for 650-HLD-1000GN, 650-HLD-1000GL, and on units sold prior to 2017. Bracket sold separately. Mounting bolts included.

Notes: Use roll pins to install. Must be purchased through your John Deere dealer.

For a more detailed view check out the expanded drawing.

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