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Fits: 200 Series Speed-Loc™

Fertilizer Type: Seed with Granular starter

Tube Size: N/A

Tip Options: 3/4” (19 mm) weld-on tip available with carbide (200-KNF-7511), or without carbide (200-KNF-7510).

Installation Driver: 100-DRV-1010

Overview: Precise seed placement due to the funnel being close to the tip and to the bottom of the furrow. The funnel is reinforced with hard surfacing for longer wear life. The funnel fits Bourgault and Flexi-Coil square tube seed boots. Also works with the square tube seed boot of the Seed Boot System.

The Speed Release tool (200-REL-1010) must be used when removing openers, sweeps, and spikes from the Speed-Loc™ Adapters.

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