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max life bean pin 010-BTP-0750


Fits: Pickett Equipment Bean Combine

Overview: This MAX LIFE threshing pin has a milled pocket in which the MAX LIFE coating is applied, keeping the deposit close to flush with the profile of the pin, preventing seed damage. The fine grit of the MAX LIFE coating handles crops gently but wears much longer than standard threshing pins.

Notes: Pins are installed using existing hardware on the combine rotors.


In side by side testing, threshing pins were placed in the same position on the rotor. MAX LIFE threshing pins were on one rotor and OEM pins on the other. The image above shows a wear comparison test between the MAX LIFE threshing pin and the OEM pin.

In 800 acres, the OEM pin had to be replaced two times and was on its third replacement while the MAX LIFE pin ran the same amount of acres without having to be changed.

“We ran the MAX LIFE Threshing Pins as a demo to see if we could get more life out of our pins. Using the MAX LIFE pins means better quality thrashing with less time and cost on maintenance.”

Tim van der Hoek, van der Hoek Farms LTD

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