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Bourgault Tillage Tools Ltd. is located in the small industrious and agricultural community of St. Brieux in North Central Saskatchewan (Western Canada).

Originally part of F.P. Bourgault Industries Ltd. so our history goes back 50 YEARS…

President & Co-General Manager, Joseph Bourgault, started working alongside his father, Frank Bourgault, as a grease monkey when he was 13 years old as Frank invented the Bourgault 4 Row Series Multi-Purpose cultivator.

F.P. Bourgault Industries Ltd. expanded into air seeding technology in the same year that the new Bourgault 5 Row Series Multi-Purpose cultivator was developed. At the time, the Bourgault 4 Row and 5 Row Series Cultivators were regarded as high precision tillage and seeding implements.

The development of ground engaging tools began for Bourgault Industries – Cultivator Division Ltd. with the introduction of the first Bourgault Parallel Wing sweeps in 1988.

Bourgault Industries – Cultivator Division Ltd. sold the large equipment product line to the Bourgault Industries – Air Seeder Division Ltd.

1991 (May)
F.P. Bourgault Tillage Tools Ltd. was established as an independent business with separate ownership and management from Bourgault Industries Ltd. and became the main provider of tillage tools for Bourgault Cultivator Line while simultaneously producing tillage tools for other OEM equipment lines.

Present Day
Since its formation in 1991, BTT has greatly expanded its product lines and market area, becoming a world leader in field opener technology, manufacturing ground engaging tools (not the equipment they go on) with product lines that include a wide range for tillage, seeding and fertilizing applications.

BTT is also a leader in various technologies for in-crop weed control for both conventional farmers and organic farmers and employs 65-75 people throughout the year with an increase during busy seasons.


 Acting as a responsible corporate citizen is very important to us at Bourgault Tillage Tools. We believe that everyone has a responsibility to help build a world that is sustainable, and we endeavor to operate our business in that way.


We understand the diversity of farming methods and we endeavour to build products to meet those needs. We believe that by listening to our customers and understanding their needs, we will continue to develop products that help our customers compete in this ever-changing economy.


As we expand globally, we are excited by the challenge to supply our tillage and seeding tools to agricultural markets around the world, and at the same time remain committed to maintaining a strong connection with our domestic and local markets.


You know what it takes to be successful. Seeding and Tillage are too important to entrust to anyone other than Bourgault Tillage Tools. Customers have come to trust BTT to deliver industry-leading products for whatever brand of machine you pull into the field. We are committed to providing customers, like you, with exceptional customer service, locally made high-quality products backed by the best warranty and performance guarantee in the market to keep your operation growing.


We offer a full range of ground engaging products including sweeps, spikes, openers, and the best quick change system in the world. We are always on top of the changes in the industry and working hard to deliver products to work with the latest machinery and practises.


We offer products to fit most brands of equipment, we work hard to ensure we can provide you with high quality parts for whatever brand of machine you pull into the field. Some brands our products work on include John Deere, Case IH, New Holland, Flexi-Coil, Morris, Seed Hawk, Bourgault, etc.


All of our products go through thorough screening to ensure each and every part meets our strict quality control standards. We do this to ensure you  get the highest quality products every time.


We are always working hard on new products to ensure that we are keeping up with the latest farm practises and building products to work on the newest equipment.


Our Speed-Loc™ system provides more benefits than any other system in the world. The Speed-Loc™ system is efficient, simple to use and offers multiple product uses. Some of the benefits include consistent depth control, peace of mind and years of trouble-free operation.


All of our products are made in North America. Our manufacturing plant is located in the community of St. Brieux, Saskatchewan.


We offer the best warranty in the market, with quick, no-hassle warranty turn-arounds. We back all of our products up with a performance guarantee, guaranteeing the product you purchase will perform to its designed specification under normal conditions. If the product does not perform within the first season of use, please inform us immediately and we will come out to the field to assess the situation, if we are unable to rectify it we will guarantee you a 100% refund.


With warehouses in Canada and the United States, we can quickly ship products to any one of our dealers around the world.


Our knowledgeable, friendly sales and support staff are always on stand-by and willing to provide support to our end-users and dealers.

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