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Alberta Territory Manager

“Ag is a great business to be in!” We couldn’t agree more.

Roger has been with BTT since 2011 and has travelled most roads in Alberta, from Milk River to La Crete to Dawson Creek, BC, meeting many farmers and producers throughout that territory. Roger strives to be honest and to help producers find solutions that work for them. “I feel BTT takes pride in the quality of their products and has high morals and integrity. The day I decide to get out of the ag industry, I know I will carry lifelong friendships from co-workers, acquaintances, and producers.”

Roger was born and raised in Bashaw, a small central AB town, providing the opportunity to work for many farmers growing up and throwing his share of square bales. He also did a small stretch on the oil rigs before moving to the Camrose, AB area in 1997 and getting into the ag business. Once there, he started behind the counter as a Parts Person, and has held many rolls since then from Parts Manager, Sales, and Territory Manager for other companies. 

Although Roger is happiest when working, he is an avid outdoorsman, from fishing, hunting, camping and just down right BS’ing. “I process most of my own game and enjoy mentoring young people into the hunting world. Teaching them everything from how to hold a firearm, how to talk to landowners, respecting the land and the animal you take, to the final meat processing. It has been a real joy seeing young people go from “field to table” on their own.” He also enjoys woodworking, hiking, kayaking, and many other little hobbies.

Contact Roger

P 1.800.878.7717 ext 257
C 780.781.2134


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