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February 4, 2022

Running Worn Tips Will Cost You More $

Excessive wear on the side or above the nose creates a rounded-off tip that can’t adequately fracture the soil, leading to lost bushels in your bin with a risk of higher repair costs if tips break and cause holder damage.

Follow these simple steps to do a quick check:

  1. Is the tip rounded off and smiling back at you? In drier conditions, or in high compaction areas, a rounded-off tip can cause poor penetration and lost bushels.
  2. Does the tip show extreme wear on the sides or above the nose? If so, it could break off and cause holder damage.
  3. Is there wear showing on the holder? Check for deterioration in hard surfacing and funnels closing in.

If you’ve answered YES to any of these check points, it’s time to replace your carbide tips.

Find a BTT dealer near you to learn more or check out replaceable tip options.

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