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Degelman parts now available at BTT

October 27, 2021

Degelman Pro-Till, Heavy Harrow & M SERIES Manure Spreader Original Wear Parts

BTT has manufactured parts for Degelman for several years, and we’re excited to announce that a selection of original Degelman parts is now available through BTT dealers everywhere! This aftermarket agreement allows BTT to supply any existing and new products provided to Degelman as an OEM to our dealers.

Original Degelman products now available through the BTT dealer network include disk blades, harrow tines, scrapers, and wear tips.

522-200-1025 degelman pro-till disk blade

Disk blades for Degelman Pro-Till are manufactured using special boron-carbon steel and a patented heat-treating process that results in a “transitional” hardness profile where the inner section is less hard (for ductility), and the outerwear area is at maximum hardness. Niaux 200 Disks last 20-40% longer than the competition. A selection of disk blades is available. 

Plain Concave: 517-200-1005 / 517-200-1010 / 517-200-1025
U Notch Concave: 522-200-1010 / 522-200-1030
Double V Notch Concave: 522-200-1020 / 522-200-1025

max life harrow tine

MAX LIFE harrow tines for Degelman heavy harrows have tungsten carbide mixed directly into the molten weld bead and is applied to the tip of tine, creating the toughest and longest-lasting option available. Field testing has shown MAX LIFE Harrow Tines last up to 6X longer than competitor tines.

Two manufacturer’s original tines are available: 010-DEG-5626ML & 010-DEG-6227ML

Degelman Pro-Till Scraper 010-DEG-1001ML

Scrapers for Degelman Pro-Till have tungsten carbide mixed directly into the molten weld bead and is applied to high wear areas creating a tougher, longer-wearing product over regular hard-surfaced scrapers. During the break-in period, the leading edge of steel is worn off to match the attack angle of the blade. The tungsten carbide is then the primary point of contact. A non-MAX LIFE version is also available.

MAX LIFE Scraper: 010-DEG-1001ML
Non-MAX LIFE Scraper: 010-DEG-1001

Degelman M SERIES Manure Spreader Wear Tip 702-DEG-0012

Wear tips for Degelman M SERIES Manure Spreader has tungsten carbide mixed directly into the molten weld bead and is applied to wear tip edges. MAX LIFE is cost-effective and extends the useful life of wear parts many times over, depending on the application.

MAX LIFE Wear Tip: 702-DEG-0012

Find a BTT dealer near you to learn more and place an order.

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