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Works with the VOS (Versatile Opener System) which gives you the flexibility to choose the right tip and fertilizer tubes for your needs.

Fertilizer Type: Liquid

Seed Placement: Seed is directed rearward through an open bottom tip which quickly positions the seed into two distinctive seed rows 3 ½” (89 mm) apart onto a firm, unfractured and moist seedbed.

Fertilizer Placement: Fertilizer is delivered on the same level as the seedbed in a 3/4” (19 mm) wide band between the two rows of seed. Options of Granular or Liquid Fertilizer.

Disturbance: Ultra-low draft, low disturbance and smoother fields.

Packer Recommendation: 3-1/2” (88.9 mm) or wider.

Overview: 3-1/2″ Paired Row Tip with ¾” Horizontal and NO Vertical Seed/Fertilizer separation. Carbide on the nose with narrow carbide on the cutting edges of the wings for great penetration.

Paired row assemblies that include this tip:
Väderstad Seed Hawk 686-ASY-3500/3500P

Drawing for illustration purposes only. All measurements shown are approximate. Results may vary with multiple factors including soil conditions, ground speed, application rates, fan speeds and more. In less than ideal conditions, mixing between seed and fertilizer may occur. For more information please refer to our precautions and risk factors.

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